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How IoT Could Make Tasks Safer For Lone Workers

How IoT Could Make Tasks Safer For Lone Workers

Lone workers’ is a term which defines an employee who works on projects away from a team. These workers operate without direct supervision and, therefore, are more exposed to health and safety issues. As well as potentially being the target of violence, lone workers may also be exposed to more stress and other mental health issues over time. The lack of supervision can often mean that additional health and safety precautions are required. With improvements to mobile technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), these protections are becoming easier to manage.

IoT Improves Connectivity

In the past, it was a challenge to look after the lone workers operating away from your office with no supervision. However, IoT-based technologies are changing that rapidly. By providing increased connectivity with your lone worker staff, you’ll be able to increase their safety.

When a construction worker is visiting a remote site to check on progress, or a nurse is visiting a patient far away, it’s vital their safety is accounted for.  Devices are now commercially available which can protect lone workers against accidents. These devices can track movements and health to ensure that, if an accident does take place, help can be sent out. By connecting your head office with remote workers through tech, you can keep them safe through increased communication and connectivity.

IoT Can Even Increase Productivity and Efficiency

As well as improving the overall health and safety for your lone workers, you can also improve productivity with IoT. Using the same monitoring software, you’ll be able to track their work processes and offer advice on improvement. For example, a task that should have taken one day may have taken your lone worker three. In this case, you can discover the process they are using and offer advice on improvement.

Similarly, if your lone worker requires a supervisor to look over their work, you will know when they are nearing completion via the IoT-based technology. This data will then allow you to send a supervisor over in time to speed up the project. 

For lone healthcare workers, if an emergency occurs with a patient at a remote location, this IoT technology can also be used to ensure the correct emergency measures are taken. For both employees and employers, the IoT can improve safety and efficiency in lone working situations.

My Oxygen: Using IoT To Improve Safety and Efficiency For Workers

Working with businesses in a variety of sectors, My Oxygen are experts when it comes to IoT. Our projects have helped countless organisations improve efficiency and safety. We believe that IoT and mobile technology can improve the way we live and work. If you’re looking for technology-based solutions to issues as a ‘lone worker’, look no further.