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How mobile technology could transform HR solutions for businesses

How mobile technology could transform HR solutions for businesses

Technology now has a huge impact on our lives. Now as common as the kitchen table in both the home and the workplace; social media, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) continue to transform how people connect, collaborate and work across the world. Many organisations are rethinking their strategies when it comes to how technology can be implemented across the business, helping to stay ahead of the game and to keep costs down.

HR is one industry which has been impacted by technology; the rise of new apps and software has revolutionised the industry, with more tools than ever to manage multiple operations such as recruiting, payroll, training & development and much more. 

Mobile HR, in particular, is an area that has come on leaps and bounds. Mobile phones - especially smartphones - have become a crucial part of the workplace in the last ten years. As well as helping businesses reach out to customers through social media apps, mobile HR software and apps allow the streamlining of traditionally more lengthy processes at all times.


Mobile recruiting is not a new phenomenon, as job boards such as indeed, Monster and LinkedIn have been riding this wave for a while. However recent surveys have shown that respondents prefer to apply for new jobs through their mobile devices. Mobile optimising your website and having a user-friendly career section can help to attract a larger volume of applicants. It can also help to include a section allowing candidates to subscribe to job updates and discover open positions at your business through social media.

Communicate Better

We already know the benefits of HR software for streamlining employee processes such as holidays and absences, however, a mobile app which notifies you of events that need to be brought to your attention will ensure you never miss a beat. 

Go Paperless

Printing a form, signing it only to scan and upload it again seems ridiculous when the technology is there to sign things electronically. This is particularly true in HR, which involves an enormous amount of paperwork. HR software integrated with mobile technology allows forms to be signed electronically from a mobile device anywhere, anytime, securely stored on a cloud-based system.

Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT)

Mobile HR technology brings a whole host of benefits, and Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) means savings for businesses, as employees have their own hardware. Many companies are beginning to implement BYOT practices to safeguard confidential information in the event that an employees device becomes lost or stolen.

HR Analytics

Data on how users interact with software can help businesses to better understand their employees and customers. This can help in terms of marketing and communicating with potential future customers. Facts and statistics can also help to identify emerging trends and can help employers react to these trends both internally and externally.