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Protecting Engineers in the Field with Mobile Technology

Protecting Engineers in the Field with Mobile Technology

Health and safety on construction sites for engineers and builders is vitally important. From planning your site to setting up boundaries and ensuring regulatory compliance, health and safety must always be a priority. In a working environment which features regular contact with complex heavy machinery, a lot can go wrong. According to 2018/19 figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), construction is the third most-dangerous industry in the UK. In 2019, 30 construction workers passed away due to their work. However, there is mobile technology in development which seeks to protect engineers and builders whilst on site.

Mobile Technology To Improve Health and Safety

The success of any site’s health and safety record is based on the ease of communication. Most issues surrounding health and safety come down to a lack of clarity, collaboration and unforeseen errors. However, mobile technology can help to alleviate these issues by improving on-site communication.

Utilising wireless alarm systems in conjunction with mobile technology, every member of the team can be alerted as soon as an emergency occurs. Construction sites can be complicated and require intuitive site-maps. Utilising mobile technology can provide a real-time map with indicators of any potential hazards for every single member of the team. From builders all the way up to stakeholders, information about the site and equipment can be updated in real-time. This means that any issues can be addressed immediately which will reduce the risk for everyone.

Increase Efficiency With Mobile Technology

As well as improving health and safety on-site, mobile technology can increase efficiency and productivity. Mobile technology and cloud-based solutions help to improve the project management process. Both workflows and processes can be dramatically improved with increased collaboration on-site. Making changes to orders, processing equipment deliveries and scheduling reviews can be done from a central hub. 

This ease of access and collaboration means that all project-critical data can be read and analysed in real-time. Therefore, downtime can be decreased, decisions can be made quickly and issues can be resolved before it’s too late.

Mobile Technology Can Protect Engineers and Project Managers By Ensuring They Remain Off-Site

One of the benefits of mobile, cloud-based technology is that managers can be located anywhere. Utilising mobile technology means that an engineer can view the progress of a project in real-time from their office. Again, this increases productivity by reducing travel time for decision-makers. Mobile technology means that your office can be located anywhere in the world.

My Oxygen: Protecting Workers With Mobile Technology

Working with organisations in a wide range of sectors, My Oxygen are experts when it comes to mobile technology. Our projects have helped countless businesses and government bodies improve efficiency and safety. We strongly believe that connectivity and mobile technology can change the way we live for the better. If you’re looking for technology-based solutions to safety issues on your site, look no further.