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Understanding the product and it's users in detail and helping break the project into manageable deliverables.

How we work/

With over a decade of experience of managing projects and developing apps and software products, we know what works and what doesn’t.
The MyOxygen/ team thrives on a challenging brief. We’re all fully committed to the highest standards in software development to achieve successful results - every time. If your business needs an innovative solution, we are ready to take you through the process, from concept to production and indeed the entire life-cycle of the application.
We have devised and adopted a process that delivers higher ROI for our clients. By following our tried and tested method, our team:
● Better understands your objectives and users● Creates a minimum viable product (MVP)● Launches your product faster● Collects invaluable user feedback to prioritise new features● Supports you through the product life-cycle

Why it works/

By digging deep into your project requirements, we can anticipate and solve roadblocks in advance. This means we don’t have to waste time and budget solving problems later.
With an MVP, you benefit from getting your product to market quickly, gain user feedback and create a better and a more fit-for-purpose product. 
Our customers benefit from our transparent, flexible and iterative process and gain a higher return on their investment.

An agile approach helps us deliver on time and to budget.

Why choose agile software development/

An agile approach to software development brings many benefits to our clients: better products, satisfied end-users and a higher return on investment. Agile project management divides the project into iterative stages, or sprints, and encourages close collaboration between all partners. It enables us to deliver a prototype and then continually improve it, prioritise, streamline, troubleshoot and support the product's development and growth. 

Faster development

Working iteratively and releasing development versions at planned intervals ensures that we can get frequent feedback and react quickly to changes. Agile working has the key advantage of enabling our clients to take applications to market faster. 


Better budgeting

Understanding the product and its users in detail and breaking the project into manageable deliverables helps us to estimate more accurately. Our clients get a more transparent breakdown of costs and are empowered to make informed decisions in terms of prioritising new features and iterations.

Shared vision

Working in an agile way encourages teams to work collaboratively with stakeholders throughout. This helps us to get to the heart of the business problem the app is solving quickly, ensuring that we reach a common understanding of the app’s functionality and priority requirements. 

Mitigates risk

An agile method delivers value by anticipating issues through continuous delivery as new needs are discovered as well as earlier user testing. This approach allows us to mitigate risk - saving time and money.

Reduces waste

Prioritising the most crucial features and leaving the “nice-to-haves” until the end ensures budgets and time are spent where it matters most, avoiding investing in functionality that may never be required.


Higher ROI

Agile software development offers you a higher ROI on your enterprise app by reducing waste, creating a better product for your users, and getting the product to market faster. From our experience, an agile approach helps deliver higher quality products on time and to budget.

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