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  • The energy and utilities sector is in a powerful position to harness the benefits of mobile applications. From tracking inventory and equipment to managing staff out in the field, streamlining inspections and data collection, mobile apps are transforming the way the industry works.
    Mobile apps and software development are game-changers for engineers out in the field fixing pipelines, cabling or wind turbines - often far from connectivity. Our mobile tech improves efficiency, allowing teams to record readings or faults, later syncing to the cloud once connectivity is available. 
    How we can helpOur expertise in mobile apps is perfectly honed to support engineers in the energy and utility market. We understand the issues that face the sector and can offer solutions to improve workflows, productivity and efficiency.
    To achieve this, we draw on our extensive experience of integrating with existing platforms, systems and energy-related hardware, APIs and communication protocols as well as bespoke solutions.
    Our team worked with OVO Energy to use mobile tech to support engineers with meter installation. The app we created increased the quality and speed of installation and setup. 



Oliver Tovey

South West Ambulance Service

“MyOxygen is our preferred technology supplier with invaluable expertise in mobile”


Philip Butler

PhD Researcher, School of Psychology, Cardiff University

“MyOxygen built a high-quality, user-friendly app that is being researched under the use of seven fire and rescue services locations. Thus far, the app has been very well received by users, significantly improving efficiencies across the board“


Babcock International

Project Manager

“Creating a 45% reduction in time taken to collate data, MyOxygen inspired excitement. This multi-talented group helped to analyze and challenge processes and innovate with modern ideas”


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