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Developing a mobile application for both engineers and commercial users to install and maintain the smart extractor fan product range of a leading manufacturing engineering firm in time for product launch.


Airflow wanted to integrate smart technology into their new extractor fan range, iCONsmart. At the time, smart ventilation was considered very new technology. Airflow’s engineers had designed hardware that could retain configuration data and communicate with external devices.

They needed software that could investigate the efficacy and functionality of the hardware,
with the ultimate aim of developing a mobile application geared towards all of Airflow’s smart


Testing and improvement – MyOxygen/ would need to analyse and test the communications and functionality of the device, suggesting possible improvements and fixes for Airflow to implement.

Connectivity – the software would need to communicate with the hardware, testing for efficient communication processes and correct data retention. This exposed a unique challenge regarding Bluetooth connectivity, as different platforms operate their Bluetooth protocols differently.

User-facing functionality – as well as the manufacturer-side testing, a customer-side UI for a mobile application that allowed users to install, configure, and maintain the smart extractor fan would need to be developed.


  • Google Flutter
  • Code review
  • MVP/Prototype
  • IoT/Bluetooth Hardware
  • Discovery Workshops


The testing and optimisation MyOxygen/ carried out significantly improved the system’s communication protocols and its bulk data transfer.

The most reliable package for establishing Bluetooth connection was located, the packet size and data optimised, and bespoke code written to carry out testing. This overcame the problems test users had encountered connecting mobile devices to the fan via the original process, which was long, complex, and error-prone.

Extensive testing with end-users ensured the mobile application was tailored to both installers and commercial users of the smart extractor fan. MyOxygen/ went through multiple design iterations of the mobile app UX, determining which design worked best, and addressing feedback from testers. The improved designs gave the app a much smoother and more elegant user experience.

The iCONsmart product range was ready for release on time.

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