Gain a technical partner who knows your industry inside and out. We become a part of your business, supporting you in better understanding your users and developing solutions that deliver not only monetary results, but also increased engagement and user adoption.

Digital Health

MyOxygen's vector image representing 'Health', showing a wireframe medical crossHaving already designed health apps used by the NHS, South-West Ambulance Service, and many other healthcare sector organisations, we know that building on your journey so far and integrating with the way you work are vital if we’re to achieve the best patient outcomes together.

Manufacturing & Engineering

Harness the Internet of Things to connect your machines and physical infrastructure to the digital world. Manufacturing and engineering businesses across the sector use digital solutions to increase production efficiency and reduce maintenance and other long-term costs.

Energy & Utilities

Build a remote monitoring application for pipelines, cabling, or wind turbines. Connect your equipment to the digital sphere. Our applications give your engineers the ability to work more efficiently, enabling rapid response.


You might want to enable data-driven decision-making, letting you send food to the right market and get the best price. You might want to offer consumers greater transparency, attract younger talent, or maximise your output through vertical farming.




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