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Supporting your software products life-cycle/

Our “product, not project” approach maximises your investment in your mobile app or web portal.

Support & Maintenance/

Maximising your app investment 


Software development lifecycle

Rather than think about an app as just a project, we work together with you to create a meaningful mobile or web product, which is supported and improved throughout the software development life-cycle. 
You can trust our team to ensure your product is up and running, and serving your users throughout its life, from testing, pre-launch to MVP and beyond. 


Why this approach works

Our “product, not project” approach maximises your investment in the app.By working together through the whole software development life-cycle, we can accommodate changes, such as updated operating systems and new technology. By getting your prototype and MVP designed quickly, there is more time to obtain valuable early user feedback, which ensures that you have the best product for your users.
We’re here to support you as your product develops, scales and succeeds.


How we do it

We work in perfectly formed agile teams, which gives us the ability to create a prototype and take the MVP to market more quickly, scale-up and offer support. It’s an iterative process with user feedback influencing updates to the product as it continuously improves and new functionality is added.
Having a Service Level Agreement in place for mobile app products ensures that any problems can be dealt with quickly and with minimum fuss. As new versions of operating systems are released, we test to ensure that the user experience is first-class and service is uninterrupted. 


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