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  • Quantum CEO & our partners
  • Ovo Energy
  • Babcock International
  • Bristol Water
  • Health apps, NHS
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  • Kohler

Why work with us/

Our goal is to truly understand the issues you are trying to solve by using the latest mobile and web technologies. In collaboration with you, we create the most optimal, intelligent and business-changing solutions.  
The MyOxygen/ team eases the pain of software delivery by using our tried and tested processes. We can help you:
● Develop a rapid prototype in 10 days● Get to market fast● Improve your product with user feedback● Reduce waste and save money by identifying issues earlier● Scale and improve your product

Who we are/

MyOxygen/ deliver bespoke software development offering reliable, secure, cutting-edge and results-driven solutions to businesses and organisations. Based in Bristol, UK, we have more than a decade of experience building ground-breaking mobile and web enterprise applications and helping organisations successfully navigate through the roadblocks on their complex and disruptive digital journey. 
We are technology experts, of course, but we humanise tech, collaborating and building relationships with our clients and prioritising user experience.
With a passion for software development, our team always strives to achieve the best solution for you and your end-users.

We humanise technology. It’s all about relationships with our clients and their users.

Some of the sectors we specialise in/

  • Energy and Utilities app

    Energy and Utilities Software Development/

    Whether you are looking for remote monitoring applications or support for connected equipment, our team can help.
    Our applications give your engineers the ability to work more efficiently, enabling rapid response.

  • Agritech software development

    Agritech Software Development/

    Innovation is the future of farming - from managing livestock to controlling vertical farms.
    Sensors are now commonplace down on the farm, and we can connect remotely using mobile and web applications.

  • Defence and Engineering app development

    Defence and Engineering/

    From surveying ships to connecting to and controlling air conditioning units, mobile applications can transform the way your team works with remote maintenance and live reporting.

  • Manufacturing & Industrial IoT/

    Manufacturing & Industrial IoT/ 

    Let’s help you harness the power of IoT to connect your machines and physical infrastructure to the digital world. We are a SIEMENS Silver Partner, designing and developing applications within their cloud-based IoT operating system.

  • health applications

    Digital Health Software Development/ 

    Health tech is becoming a necessity in the NHS and wider health sector. From patient-facing to internal applications, managing clinical trials and supporting engagement, our health mobile apps are transforming the way people live and work.

Industry recognition/

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Best Service Provider
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