Digital health solutions for the NHS and other health organisations

Create digital health solutions that actively solve the problems your organisation is facing.

From technical audits and code reviews that help you build on legacy applications to a whole new platform in a modern light framework, our agile way of working ensures we can plug in at every level of your digital transformation.

Having already designed and developed health apps used by the NHS, South-West Ambulance Service, and many other healthcare sector organisations, we know that building on your journey so far and integrating with the way you work are vital if we’re to achieve the best patient outcomes together.

Focus on security, accessibility, and being compliant

Be it internal software, patient-facing applications, or supporting engagement, we are used to meeting the health sector’s unique demands when it comes to security, accessibility, and being compliant with vital legislation.

Our pre-development process is key to this. Even before development starts, we’ve found that our scoping and discovery approach helps our clients find out more than they originally did about their own requirements.

  • Talk through complications and challenges
  • Collaborate to understand what we’re actually going to build
  • Assign KPIs that will track what success means for this product

Streamline and track your digital transformation

Manage and track your journey

Like you, we understand that digital transformation of the health sector isn’t an overnight proposition. It’s a marathon mindset.

We help you clearly define end goals for what success looks like. We also use tools that you use already, such as Jira, to track progress and meet interim milestones.

You’ll know what stage of your digital journey you’re at every step of the way.

Build on your existing progress

Many hospitals and other health organisations have started to employ digital tools in various areas. You might have a modern medical website, a virtual health solution, or some digitised processes or tech talent.

Integration of all of this is a challenge. We help you leverage your existing resources, skill sets, and systems so you can smoothly build on progress you’ve already made in the right direction.

Overcome the unique challenges of digital health

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital health trends that were already on the rise. Changing consumer preferences. More care in the home. Virtual health delivery. Clinical and technological innovations.

But it has also shown that – properly developed, tested, and implemented – digital health solutions can help achieve the better patient experiences and outcomes that are the overwhelming priority for any health sector organisation.



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