Our goal is always to quickly build a Minimum Viable Product with your must-have features

Harness the Internet of Things to connect your machines and physical infrastructure to the digital world. Manufacturing and engineering businesses across the sector use digital solutions to increase production efficiency and reduce maintenance and other long-term costs.

From enabling remote hardware monitoring to digitising key manufacturing processes to allowing your engineers to carry out surveys in a fraction of the usual time, we help you deliver value across the design and production chain.

As organisations ranging from the Ministry of Defence to shower manufacturer Kohler Mira have already discovered.

Don’t rush into production of your digital solution

Our goal is always to build a Minimum Viable Product with your must-have features. We can then deploy this prototype and start to iterate based on actual user data.

But this doesn’t mean diving headfirst into software development. If you want to create a digital solution that will meet your objectives, you need to fully explore the problems you want to solve using technology.

In our scoping and discovery sessions, we’ll work together to understand the business case for this product. Because like you, we understand how important it is to know what we’re actually building.

  • What are you trying to achieve? How can we help you deliver that?
  • What KPIs will allow you to measure progress and define our success?
  • How will this solution impact everything else you do?

Bring app development and security together

Make security integral to development

Growing state-actor cyber threats and the rising level of ransomware, phishing, and hacking attacks in general means organisations in everything from defence to industrial engineering need digital solutions that put security first.

Development with the way you work

Dovetail the development of your app or software with the way you like to operate. Review and build on legacy systems you already have in place.

Whether that means working with preferred platforms like AWS or Azure, tracking progress through tools you already use like Jira, or working with your existing technical team, we adapt our devops approach to match you.

Strategise, connect, and track your journey

Different manufacturing and engineering businesses are at different phases of their digital transformation. No matter where you are, we can help you:

  • Have a clear strategy and roadmap for digitisation
  • Connect different digital solutions you may have already implemented
  • Understand how to scale your solution over time
  • Track and measure costs
  • Ensure legacy systems come with you into the digital age

Manage digital transformation in manufacturing and engineering 

The objective is to drive productivity, create efficiencies, and future-proof your business. But achieving this doesn’t have to be an all-in-one sprint.

It’s a journey that, like all the best industrial engineering processes, we can help you measure, manage, and control.




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