User story maps/

Gain the complete understanding you need to solve your most mission-critical problems. Creating maps of user stories gives us deep insights into the scale of your problem and the roadmap we’re working along towards solving it.

From this, we define a strong MVP, prioritise your must-have, essential requirements, and enable launch in the shortest possible timeframe. Features can then be added guided by real user experience and feedback.

It’s an agile way of working. And a UX mapping method that lets us sequence and prioritise what needs to be done, maximising productivity.

System Architecture mapping/

Visualise all the pieces of the product we’re going to build. Here is the database integration. Here is the CRM system, the APIs, the payment gateway. We build a System Architecture map that shows you how everything is going to fit together.

You’ll be able to see who has ownership of each piece of the puzzle, how third-party systems will connect, and gain a clear understanding of your product’s internal structure.


Explore more of your user experience and how key features of your web or mobile app might be positioned. Wireframes are a blueprint for our design team. They demonstrate the structure your final product might have.

Viewing a schematic like this lets you start to imagine how your finished product will look and function. It’s all based on real-world data and our practical, sector-specific experience.

User flows/

Investigate and view how a prototypical user will actually use your web and mobile apps. Understanding your user path is vital if you want your product to achieve the goals you have for it.

We’ll build user flows that let you see where your users will go during their journey through your product or platform, making sure the functionality it offers actually solves your business problem.

Agile Management/

Follow development closely using the same kind of tools you use to manage projects every day. With our collaborative approach, you can be bought in and follow progress as it happens.

Jira is our agile management tool of choice. With Jira, you can review risks, monitor budget, and we can break the development process down into manageable pieces of work that can be tracked.

Everyone can interact very easily. Combined with our agile, evidence and data-based iterative process, this allows continual solutions improvement and refinement.

Integrated Development/

Integrating with the way you work is a key part of our software development process. Leverage skillsets and resources you already possess and rely on us to use tools and frameworks that match your preferences, such as AWS or Azure.

We dovetail with your existing team and resources at all stages of development. Because building mobile and web apps is one thing. But developing mobile and web applications while becoming a natural part of how you work is something else entirely.


Testing impacts the cost and budget, delivery time, and user experience. It’s not just about spotting bugs. Good Quality Assurance prevents projects that could fail going to market.

That’s why we start talking about testing right at the beginning of the scoping process. We look at coverage and write effective test plans and scenarios.

Our in-house testers ensure quality by testing throughout development. But we’ll arm you with the tools you need to test effectively yourself too.


Deployment is more than just clicking a button. We support you through this often-overlooked but vital process, following a specific approach that prevents bugs from being introduced and optimises the quality of the code.

The CI/ CD practices we use (Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery) make your deployment faster, your system easier to maintain, and isolate potential issues with everything from code to databases as well as helping you meet the hosting requirements of major platforms like AWS or Azure.


Ensure every user can use your product to its maximum potential. Some accessibility requirements are a legal necessity. But every business and product benefits from removing barriers to interaction and putting the needs of end-users at the core of the development process.

Web app browser accessibility is a fairly mature process. Mobile apps require a different approach to facilitate equal access for users with different disabilities. Our past experience with the NHS and other health and educational organisations ensures we understand just how important eAccessibility is.

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