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Experience app development with a technical partner that adapts to how you work. Integration and the process we use to fit in with the tools and services you use enables smooth, highly effective collaboration as we work toward solving the actual problems your business faces.

Infinity-shaped diagram showing how the process of Devops loops around the following concepts



Experience app development with a technical partner that adapts to how you work

Integration with your existing processes/

Most products we work on require integrating into an existing service or platform. This makes choosing the right tools for the integration vital.

Working in the highly integrated manner and using the agile and devops approaches that we do leads to rapid deployment and smart, actual user data-driven evolution of your product.

Devops and security/

Integration also means keeping up with constantly changing security requirements. That entails working within your preference of services and providers as well, such as AWS, Google or Azure.

We’re experienced in working alongside organisations like the MoD and NHS, and dovetailing our solutions with their established service providers, as well as with their own preferences and standard practices, all while ensuring high privacy and compliance with all relevant security standards.

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