Streamline inspections and data collection – our mobile apps can transform the way you work

Leverage digital tools to optimise your processes, manage costs, and capture new market opportunities in energy and utilities. Whether you are in power, gas, water, multiline, or any utility business, we enable you to be smarter, more sustainable, and more secure.

Build a remote monitoring application for pipelines, cabling, or wind turbines. Connect your equipment to the digital sphere. Our applications give your engineers the ability to work more efficiently, enabling rapid response.

From tracking inventory and equipment to managing staff out in the field, streamlining inspections and data collection, our mobile apps can transform the way you work.

Define KPIs and fully investigate the problem

Digital technology can create value throughout the energy supply chain. Generation. Transport. Distribution. Supply. Consumption.

But understanding exactly what you want to achieve and what success will look like is vital. Before we commence rapid development and testing of an MVP prototype, we’ll work with you to understand the real business case for the product we’re going to create together.

  • What business problem do you want to solve using technology?
  • Which KPIs will let us track and measure success as we do that?
  • What complexities and challenges will stand in our way?

Make security one of your measurable resources

Build with a cybersecurity-first focus

Manage the unique cybersecurity threats faced by energy and utilities companies in the modern world.

State actors trying to cause disruption. Hackers who target the industry’s economic success. Cyber activists pursuing their agenda. All exacerbated by the fact that most energy and commodities businesses have a big organisational and geographic spread.

Create more sustainable, smarter energy systems

Mobile apps and software are game-changers for engineers out in the field. Implement fully digitised end-to-end processes to improve your workflows and productivity.

Use digital technology to scale-up your business based on accurate data collection and upgrade your IT systems to create efficiencies whether you are in conventional generation, renewables, transmission, distribution, or retail.

Meet unique power, gas, water, and multiline challenges

Energy and utilities companies are facing serious disruption. On the one hand, we have the increased regulatory and competitive pressures that mean every utility business needs to streamline its data collection and IT use.

On the other, a huge shake-up in supply and demand is under way. Renewable energy generation and national commitments to move towards green energy faster are major challenges for the sector.

But the industry isn’t new to taking advantage of digital tools to generate value. Smart metres have been in use for over twenty years. Working together with power, gas, water, and multiline businesses, we help you exploit fresh opportunities and make better use of your existing resources.

Explore how we helped OVO Energy release an energy and utilities application to support the rollout of SMETS2 meters to their domestic customers.


OVO Energy

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