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London-based DIEM Innovation specialises in augmented intelligence and creates bespoke AI applications for complex situations and diverse industries.

Background and Challenge

Before engaging MyOxygen, DIEM Innovation had recently created an AI-driven conversational interviewbot “DUCHESS” that could automate survey capture and insights. DUCHESS worked on one local machine and was developed and tested with users on a few customer sites, using LAN setup.

In March 2020, when the pandemic restrictions came into place, DIEM Innovation needed an efficient way of demonstrating this application remotely and rolling it out to a wider market. 

In order to do this, DIEM Innovation approached MyOxygen with a mission to collaboratively develop the application and investigate options for making the product more attractive and strategic for the wider market.

DIEM Innovation’s Objectives

DIEM Innovation wanted to make DUCHESS more user friendly for the interviewee, the system administrator and themselves, to ease the management of the platform. And although they had a specific client in mind, they wanted MyOxygen’s expertise to ensure it could be sold within a wider market.

Discovery Phase

During the initial discovery phase of the project, MyOxygen identified an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) which required the following pieces to be implemented: The development of a web portal dedicated to DIEM Innovation in order to see the list of surveys and their questions, analyse the results and see some visualisations. 

The development of a mobile web app dedicated to the interviewee to carry out their interview.

A speech to text service to be used within a Microsoft environment. 

The development of the backend and the database.

The development of an API so that the frontend and the backend could be linked.

The Solution and MyOxygen’s Agile Approach

With MyOxygen’s roadmap in hand, following the Discovery Phase, the team kicked off the design and development process. 

The frontend of the solution looked at incorporating a speech-recognition engine to transcribe the interviewee’s voice into text and a text-to-speech generator to read the questions out loud.  The frontend would also present some custom made analytics of the answers given to system administrators. 

An associated backend was also implemented to integrate with the database and NLP engine, whilst also handling the analytics of the answers given.

MyOxygen also managed the setup of the development, testing and production environments.

Throughout the development process, MyOxygen maintained a two-week sprint cadence. This allowed us to rapidly test the application’s functionality, validate user responses,  and update and add features in accordance with user feedback. MyOxygen worked very closely with DIEM Innovation, forming a strong collaborative relationship with weekly meetings to discuss progress, blockers, technical issues and demonstrate the deliverables in the testing environment.


MyOxygen developed an easy-to-use interface for interviewees, facilitating the question and answer process for DIEM Innovation. 

To allow system administrators to gain an insight into the interview results, sentiment analysis, word clouds and thematic maps were created to show the patterns and links between words used and the positive and negative feedback from interviewees. 

A backend was successfully created that linked the frontend to the database and the NLP engine. Working together, the complete project allows a seamless flow from the start of the interview to the end, with users able to easily answer questions vocally.

DIEM Innovation are now also able to manage and maintain the application without further input from MyOxygen, with the scope to roll it out to a much wider marketplace. 

MyOxygen continues to work alongside DIEM Innovation as a natural extension of their team and a consultation partner.  

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