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Using mobile applications to improve efficiency and data collection

Mobile has seen a big uptake in the health sector. The portability and privacy of mobile devices lend themselves well to healthcare apps. The potential is huge - users can track their mood and feelings at any point or source information to handle emergency situations, whenever they may arise. 

How we can help

With over 12 years’ experience in developing mobile solutions for the health sector and in particular for the NHS, we understand what you need. Our digital health tech is not only customer or public-facing but also designed to improve internal processes and facilitate efficiencies.

NHS apps – going beyond the possible

Our team created NHS Bristol service finder - the first app of its kind. This mobile application allowed users to find their nearest GP, pharmacy or hospital from their current location as well as letting them store emergency contact information.  Improving communication via mobile tech is high up the agenda for our health clients. We partnered with Careflow Connect to create a product that would connect NHS staff in hospitals to improve information sharing well beyond what’s possible with a standard pager.  NHS Somerset commissioned us to develop an app to assess performance across the country. The app was designed to use at board meetings, where senior managers could easily search for data to assess which areas needed the most attention.

Mental health apps

With a growing concern about mental health and well-being, we’ve created applications for specific mental health conditions including the My Journey app for psychosis, the Automotive app for bipolar disorder and the SAM app for stress and anxiety. 

Mobile apps for health sector training

On the training side, we developed an app called Capture for NHS procurement managers to use to ensure they’re following the latest legislation when procuring services.
Our tactical iPad and Windows tablet app for South Western Ambulance Service helps manage the response to high-risk situations, such as plane crashes and bomb threats. 



Oliver Tovey

South West Ambulance Service

“MyOxygen is our preferred technology supplier with invaluable expertise in mobile”


Philip Butler

PhD Researcher, School of Psychology, Cardiff University

“MyOxygen built a high-quality, user-friendly app that is being researched under the use of seven fire and rescue services locations. Thus far, the app has been very well received by users, significantly improving efficiencies across the board“


Babcock International

Project Manager

“Creating a 45% reduction in time taken to collate data, MyOxygen inspired excitement. This multi-talented group helped to analyze and challenge processes and innovate with modern ideas”


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