Working with a market-leading UK manufacturer of boiler maintenance equipment to develop a front-end User Interface for their asset management portal that would display asset details and connect their products to the wider Internet.


Adey are specialists in designing and manufacturing equipment that monitors boiler health. As part of their expansion and with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), they were looking to make it possible for their devices to notify both Adey and consumers when boilers needed attention.

To achieve this, they wanted to create a web portal that would track and display device locations along with engineer, customer, and device health data.


User-specific tailoring – the portal would need to meet specific user requirements in order to achieve its goals. This would require deep-dive discovery workshops to ensure everyone was on the same technical page for developing the right features.

Progression tracking – both Adey and MyOxygen/ prefer to work iteratively. It was agreed that regular presentations and discussions of development progress as new features were implemented would allow Adey to provide the constructive feedback they wanted to and have that feedback acted on before the end of development.

Cross-party communications – there was a separate third-party developer handling the development of the back-end. They would need to be liaised with effectively in order to keep the connection between front-end and back-end flawless.


  • Discovery Workshops
  • MVP/Prototype
  • Mobile App Native iOS & Android
  • Web Portal React
  • IoT/Bluetooth Hardware
  • Image Algorithms


Applying a strong and effective agile development process, where a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) can be established and developed as a foundation for the software to grow from, enabled Adey to have a product ready for market very quickly.

The process also caught and addressed bugs, concerns, and other issues as development progressed rather than waiting until the end. The product is now ready for integration with the back-end. New features and changes can and are being continuously designed and implemented as the portal grows organically into the public-release product.

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It’s really impressive what we have achieved together. These are very important strategic projects for ADEY, so we are delighted to see them up, running and ready to sell. Aside from delivering on time, thank you very much for being such nice people to work with.



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