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Supporting and periodically improving South West Ambulance Service’s tactical app for scene information collection and procedural document access, further updating over time as additional functionality is desired.


The South West Ambulance Service provides ambulance services for the NHS across South-West England. They have a tactical app that provides support functions for their teams in the field.

Over time, SWAS found that the app needed expert support in order to achieve the goals they had for it. They also wanted to be able to add other key features in the future.


  • Ongoing technical partnership – SWAS needed a technical partner that could integrate closely with their organisation, providing ongoing support and occasional improvements to their tactical app as needed.

  • Need for centralisation – the ambulance service’s tactical app was initially born from the difficulty of finding procedural documents due to the varying places they were stored. The app would need to provide centralised information that was always up-to-date.

  • High-pressure workplace environment – the teams working for SWAS needed clear, straightforward systems and a UI that could be used under pressure as well as offline.


  • Mobile App – iPad, Windows tablet
  • Web Portal
  • MVP/Prototype
  • Integration
  • Discovery Workshops


MyOxygen/ and the South West Ambulance Service have been working closely together for more than five years. In that time, several key functions have been added to the initial version of their tactical app.

Mapping functionality was added so that SWAS teams on the ground could easily see the surrounding area and report back to the command centre with cordons drawn in the app. Various tools to enable scene information collection were also added, including audio, photo, video, and notes attached to an event timeline.

More recently, we’ve added functionality for hospitals to report their bed capacities so that ambulance crews can see the best place to head with their injured and for the command centre team to view the location of key assets (such as specific vehicle types) across the South West.

The technical partnership has been a resounding success so far and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Quote marks

They were very creative and enthusiastic about helping us deliver a robust scalable solution providing major incident planning on an iPad and Windows PC.

Oliver Tovey

Resilience Officer - NHS South West Ambulance Service

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